Lecture notes for the "Experiment Design in Computer Sciences" class at Tsukuba University

2023 Version

This repository contains the lecture notes and other materials for the course “Experiment Design in Computer Science (0AL0400)”, as taught at The University of Tsukuba, Department of Computer Sciences.

About this Course

The collection and analysis of data through experiments is one of the cornerstones of the scientific method.

This course aims to educate students about how to conduct good scientific experiments, and how to use statistical tools to analyze data obtained from these experiments.

The contents of this course focus on Computer Science experiments, although the topics can be applied to other disciplines as well.

You can see more information in the full syllabus of the course.


Topic 0: Introduction and Housekeeping

Topic 1: What is Experimentalism

Topic 2: Point and Interval Indicators.

Topic 3: Inference Testing I – Hypothesis testing.

Topic 4: Inference Testing II – Comparison testing and Paired testing.

Topic 5: Inference Testing III – Non-normality and Anova for Multiple comparison

Topic 6: Sample Size Calculations

Topic 7/8: Experimental Factors

Useful Links

University of Tsukuba Students will want to check out the manaba page for this course to submit feedback surveys and reports.

The useful links page contains other online resources that will give you an increased understanding of the topics in this course. Make sure to check it out!


This course was forked from and follows closely the “Design and Analysis of Experiments” material by Felipe Campelo (Aston University) BY-NC-SA 4.0

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